3rd Year


Environmental Microbiology


Microbiology of SoilSoil microbiologyShefa Ahsan
Microbiology of WaterColiform bacteriaShefa Ahsan
Water microbiologyMim Binta Islam
Microbiology of AirAir microbiology: IntroductionAbulais Shomrat
Distribution and SourceAbulais Shomrat
Microbiology of Extreme EnvironmentExtreme habitat microbiologyRobin Khan
Interactions among microbial populationsInteractions among microbesAbulais Shomrat
Interactions between microorganisms and plantsRhizosphere and its effectsAbulais Shomrat
Nitrogen Fixation & Nodule formationAbulais Shomrat
Microorganisms and biogeochemical cycleNitrogen CycleAbulais Shomrat
Sulfur CycleAbulais Shomrat
Winogradsky ColumnAbulais Shomrat
Difference betweenEnvironmental MicrobiologyAbulais Shomrat

Plant Pathology

Plant diseasesConcepts: Intro, Triangle & CycleTithi Chowdhury
Causes of diseasesTithi Chowdhury
Classification of plant diseases Abulais Shomrat
Importance of plant diseases in AgricultureAbulais Shomrat
Role of fungi in disease development (Drafted)Abulais Shomrat
Parasitism and pathogenicityPathogenicity test: Diagnosis of an unknown fungal pathogenAbulais Shomrat
Stages in the development of plant diseases1. The Disease Cycle: Introduction
2. Inoculation and penetration
3. Infection and dissemination
4. Over-seasoning
Abulais Shomrat
Plant disease controlKinds of losses by plant diseases (Drafted)Abulais Shomrat
World crop production as affected by plant diseases
Disease controlRobin Khan
Crop diseasesRice diseasesAbulais Shomrat
Wheat diseasesAbulais Shomrat
Pulse and bean diseases
Jute diseasesFarzana Rayhan
Sugarcane diseases Abulais Shomrat
Groundnut diseases
Difference BetweenPlant PathologyAbulais Shomrat

Advanced Phycology

Introduction to AlgaeIntroductionAbulais Shomrat
Green algae to higher plantsAbulais Shomrat
Comparative study of classificationAlgal classificationsAbulais Shomrat
Characterize the classes mentioned by Bold and
Wynne (1985)
Cyano-, Prochloro-, Chloro-, Charo-
Eugleno-, Phaeo-, Chryso-Shefa Ahsan
Pyrrho-, Crypto-, Rhodo-Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Growth pattern and evolutionary trends in algaeGrowth pattern in algaeAbulais Shomrat
Volvocine trendAbulais Shomrat
Tetrasporine trendAbulais Shomrat
Chlorococcine trendAbulais Shomrat
Ultra structure of chloroplasts in algaeEndosymbiotic theory: ChloroplastAbulais Shomrat
Ultra structure of chloroplastsLiza Kamal
Extracellular metabolites in algae
Algal cultureScope, culture types & mediaAbulais Shomrat
Batch cultureAbulais Shomrat
Morphogenesis in blue
green algae
Heterocyst: A Botanical EnigmaAbulais Shomrat
Nitrogen fixation by heterocysts
Formation of heterocyst
Formation of Akinete
Morphogenesis of Blue Green Algae
Applications of algaeIndustrial applicationAbulais Shomrat
Microalgae & Bio-fuelRobin Khan
Phycological researchesAlgal research in BangladeshAbulais Shomrat

Physiological Ecology

The Physical WorldEarth and EcosystemAbulais Shomrat

Contemporary Systematics

Nomenclature & ICN rulesIntroduction and the preamble of Melourne & Shenzen Code Abulais Shomrat
Division I: Principles of ICN Abulais Shomrat
Division II containing:
Status definition
Principles of Priority
Nomina conservanda
Abulais Shomrat
Author’s citation
Binomial nomenclature
Valid publication
Not validly published
Rejection of a name
IUCN Red list categoriesAbulais Shomrat
Species conceptSpecies conceptAbulais Shomrat
Ecotype & categoriesBiosystematics: Steps & Categories Abulais Shomrat
Systems of ClassificationJohn Hutchinson
Arthur Cronquist
Armen Takhtajan
CytotaxonomyChromosome numberAbulais Shomrat
Chromosome structureRobin Khan
Chromosome behaviorRobin Khan
ChemotaxonomyIntroduction & primary metaboliteAbulais Shomrat
Secondary metabolites Abulais Shomrat
SemantidesAbulais Shomrat
Aquatic angiosperms
Plant families


Sugar and their derivativesIntroduction to carbohydrates
Monosaccharide (Drafted)Abulais Shomrat
Disaccharide Abulais Shomrat
Polysaccharide (Drafted)
Amino acids and proteinsAmino acid (Drafted)Abulais Shomrat
Characteristics & Structures of proteinAbulais Shomrat
Classification of proteinSufia Akter
Fatty acids and lipids
  1. Fatty acid
  2. The lipid
1. Abulais Shomrat
2. Razwana Shorna
TerpenoidsTerpenoids: Types & SynthesisTubaia Zannat Juthi
Terpenoids: Distribution & Role
Essential oilTubaia Zannat Juthi
AlkaloidsAlkaloidsAbulais Shomrat
Common alkaloids
Phenolic compounds
Difference between

Molecular Genetics

DNADiscovery of DNATithi Chowdhury
DNA proof to be a genetic materialRomjanul Islam
Replication of DNARolling circle modelTithi Chowdhury
Theta modelAbulais Shomrat
Replication in eukaryotesAbulais Shomrat
DNA repair mechanism
Transposable genetic elementsTransposons or, Jumping genesFarzana Rayhan Runa
Fine structure of genes
Recombination in Bacteria
Gene expressionTranscription: DNA to pre-mRNAAbulais Shomrat
Post-transcriptional modificationAbulais Shomrat
Genetic codeAbulais Shomrat
TranslationAbulais Shomrat
Regulation of gene expression in prokaryotesFeatures and SignificanceTubaia Zannat Juthi
The Operon ModelNandiny Ghosh
Gene cloning
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology

Principles of Crop Improvement

Incompatibility1. Self incompatibility
2. Cross incompatibility
3. Model plant: Arabidopsis
1. Lipa Mondal
2. Jibon Hridoy
3. Israt Shupon
Male sterility breeding1. Male sterility: Introduction
2. Genetic male sterility
3. Cytoplasmic male sterility
4. Cytoplasmic genetic male sterility
1. Toioba Akter
2. Abulais Shomrat
3. Shefa Ahsan
4. Shefa Ahsan
Heterosis breedingHeterosis breedingLipa Mondal
Polyploidy1. Polyploidy: Introduction
2. Euploidy: Autopolyploidy
3. Euploidy: Allopolyploidy
1. Toioba Akter
2. Abulais Shomrat
3. Abulais Shomrat
Haploid breedingHaploid breedingTubaia Zannat Juthi
Development of biotic and abiotic stress tolerant variety
Embryo culture techniqueEmbryo cultureMim Binte Islam
Germplasm conservation and cryo-preservation(Drafted)Sagorika Akter
Difference BetweenPart oneAbulais Shomrat


Introduction and importanceIntroduction to PteridophytaAbulais Shomrat
ClassificationClassification of PteridophytesAbulais Shomrat
Origin and evolutionOrigin of PteridophytesAbulais Shomrat
Telome threoryAbulais Shomrat
Types of stele and their evolutionStelar types with evolutionAbulais Shomrat
Detailed study of important generaPsilotumAbulais Shomrat
LycopodiumAbulais Shomrat
SelaginellaIsrat Shupon
Heterospory and seed habit

Introductory Limnology

Demorphic growth principleEnergy slaveAbulais Shomrat
WaterWater cycle and water resourceAbulais Shomrat
Fundamental characteristics of water
Material budget of natural waters
Biomass destruction and energy fluxBiomass destruction
Material transport & Energy flux
Abulais Shomrat
Abulais Shomrat

Structural Cytogenetics

Euchromosome1. Nucleosome model
2. Solenoid model
1. Abulais Shomrat
2. Abulais Shomrat
Karyotype and IdiogramKaryotype and idiogramTubaia Zannat Juthi
Genome analysisDraftedAbulais Shomrat
Abnormalities in cell division
Chromosomal aberrationStructural and NumericalAbulais Shomrat
Structural aberrations


Historical backgroundDiscovery of pollen tubeAbulais Shomrat
Discovery on nature of both gametophytes & SyngamyAbulais Shomrat
Male organMicrosporangium and microgameteLiza Kamal
Nemec phenomenonAbulais Shomrat
Female organMegasporangiumRazwana Shorna
Female gametophyteAbulais Shomrat
FertilizationSteps of fertilizationAbulais Shomrat
EndospermEndosperm & Its TypesAbulais Shomrat
ApomixisApomixisAbulais Shomrat
PolyembryonyPolyembryony with importanceAbulais Shomrat
Experimental embryologyExperimental embryologyAbulais Shomrat