4th Year

Microbiological Techniques

Author, or Compiler
Cultivation of microorganisms Cultivation of microorganisms Jibon Hridoy
General methods of isolation Methods of microbial isolation Jibon Hridoy
Maintenance and preservation of cultures Preservation of Culture Jibon Hridoy
Growth of bacteria Growth of bacteria Jibon Hridoy
Measurement of microbial growth Measurement of microbial growth Jibon Hridoy
Microbiology of food Microbiology of food Jibon Hridoy
Microbiology of milk Microbiology of milk Jibon Hridoy
Microbial water pollution Microbial water pollution Jibon Hridoy
Control of microorganisms Control by heat and radiation Jibon Hridoy

Marine Botany

Introduction Reefs, Mars & Stromatolites
Diversity Marine Phytoplankton
Seaweeds (D) Tithi Chowdhury
Factors concerning plankton
Factors concerning sea weeds and reef
Estuarine ecology
Toxic Algae and human health
Role As Carbon Sink, Cleanser of the Earth, Cooler of the Atmosphere
Marine Biotechnology
Extraction & Uses of Phycocolloids


Introduction Robin Khan
Methods of study
Plants in material culture
Traditional plant use and management
History of plant- human interaction
Applied and applying ethnobotany

Climate Change Biology

Understanding global climate The Earth’s Motion (D)
Atmospheric circulation (D)
The ocean (D)
Causes of global climate change Factors affecting the earth’s temperature (D)
Human drivers (D)
Marine & terrestrial sink of CO2 (D)
CO2 effects on climate (D)
Climate change phenomena
Landform effects and vegetation Landform effects on climate (D)
Vegetation influences on climate (D)
Temporal variability: Long term changes (D)
Temporal variability: Anthropogenic climate change (D)
Impacts of global climate change Impacts (D)
Mitigation and adaption

Autecology and Environment

The environment of plants
The role of green plants in nature
Energy environment Global radiation & energy budget
Interactions between organisms
Marine environment Marine environment: Classification & Productivity
Soil environment Soil environment
Ecosystem balance and imbalance Balance & imbalance
Water resources
Environmental toxicology Toxic substances
Arsenic: Exposure, effects & others
Plant and Pollution

Plant Physiology and Plant Nutrition

Growth and development Auxin: The first Phytohormone Abulais Shomrat
Mineral nutrients
Ion absorption of plants
Pathways of translocation of ions


Organization & Structure of Genome Genome size (D)
Sequence complexity (D)
Genome structure in viruses and prokaryotes
The organization of nuclear DNA in eukaryotes
Subdividing the genome Fragmentation of DNA with restriction enzymes
Separating large fragments of DNA
Isolation of chromosomes
Chromosome micro-dissection
Vectors for cloning DNA
Choice of vector
Genome sequence acquisition and analysis Physical mapping of genomes
Sequencing whole genomes- sequencing methods and strategies
Benefits of genome sequencing


Introduction to Proteomics
Protein Structures and folding
Protein-protein interaction study Yeast-2-hybrid systems
Protein separation for sequencing 2-D gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry/MALDI-TOF
Analysis of protein Sequences Identification of Protein families and evolutionary relationships
Basic principles of protein sequence comparison
Finding distant relationships,
Revealing protein motifs
3D structural comparisons


Introduction of Bioinformatics
Similarity Searches on Sequence Databases
Pair-wise alignments
multiple sequence alignment
Phylogenetic analysis
Application of bioinformatics
Networks in Bioinformatics/proteomics Biological networks (Protein interaction networks, gene regulation networks)
Bioinformatics Databases and search tools
Genomics circuits in single gene
Functional genomics Identification and characterization genes from newly sequenced genome
Drug design based on bioinformatic tools

Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology

Historical background

Horticulture and Agronomy

Classification of horticultural plants
Classification of vegetables
Preparation of seedbed
Propagation of horticultural plants

Biological Limnology

The diversity of Limnological organisms
Planktonic organisms
Primary productivity
Nutrient requirements of phytoplankton
Biological characteristics of tracheophytes
Photosynthesis and heterophilly
Geography of hydrophytes
Aquatic weeds

Numerical Cytogenetics

Numerical aberration Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Aneuploid: (a) Hyperploid
Speciation through allopolyploidy and segmental allopolyploidy
Human cytogenetics

Microbial Plant Pathology

Mycoplasma diseases
Viral diseases
Bacterial diseases
Nematode diseases

Seed Pathology

Seed diseases
Location of fungal hyphae in seeds
Seed health testing
Seed-plant-seed transmission
Seed certification
Storage diseases
Control of seed borne diseases


Introduction Farzana Rayhan Runa
Pre-Darwinian concepts Chambers, Kammerer, Buffon & Spencer
Darwin-Wallace theory Voyage of the Beagle
Prodigality of Reproduction
Contribution of Wallace
Pattern of Evolution
Evidences of evolution Evidences of Evolution
Synthetic theory of evolution Synthetic theory of Evolution
Natural selection Natural Selection
Speciation Species concept & Speciation
Isolation & Speciation
Chemical theory of origin of life Chemical evolution of life
Human evolution Human Evolutin
Cosmology Cosmology & Big Bang