About Us

Plantlet is a plant-science based website created by a team of enthusiasts from Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. This website provides a platform for plant lovers, students and teachers to have their thoughts, ideas, articles and experiences shared.

Aim of ‘Plantlet’

Initially, ‘Plantlet’ was hypothesized to be an academic guideline for the students of Botanical science. Later, more and more thoughts on this website’s potential started coming out. Since then, the mission of this website has diversified widely with different challenging but doable plans.

To make ‘Plantlet’ a helpful guidebook for the plant science lovers.

We hope that students from our dept. and others will write their own articles which will boost their confidence and make them love this science and also increase their understanding in a particular topic.

To help the students become department oriented.

To show career opportunities.

To provide a hub for higher study abroad.

To provide the best online pdf centers of plant science books.

Who created ‘Plantlet’?

Plantlet was developed and is still being developed by its authors and editors. Majority of whom are current students of Department of Botany, University of Dhaka, many are alumni to this dept.. And we even have authors from different institutions like Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST).

Though the credit for this website’s development is shared equally by all of its participants, it greatly owes a lot to a dreamer whose brainchild is today’s ‘Plantlet’. Jayed Ahmed Rafat, currently a student from Department of Botany has created this website.

A website like ‘Plantlet’ always provides a heavy task for its completion. As hundreds of articles are to be written to make its primary stage complete, the creation of it is just a simple step. So, this website and its creator are in debt to the authors who developed the present ‘Plantlet’.

When did ‘Plantlet’ come into existence?

‘Plantlet’ was officially created on 29 January, 2019. But its idea predates more than two years from that date. At first, there was a plan to make an website of plant profiles. It was named as ‘MasterBot’. But, later it was found that the progress was quite unsatisfactory. It required a huge deal of work. So an idea was put forward which later germinated to become today’s ‘Plantlet’. And Alhumdulillah, this website’s performance is so well so far.

What does ‘Plantlet’ ask from you?

‘Plantlet’ wants to disseminate the knowledge of plant science. It has many things to offer plant lovers. And on the other hand, it asks for very little.

You can contribute to this website either by being an author, or an editor or just a regular viewer who makes comments in ‘Plantlet’s articles thinking that this might increase the confidence of the author who will later wish to write more and more.

If necessary, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Our email link is here: plantletorg@gmail.com.