Biophysiology & Biochemistry

Biophysiology Author or Compiler 
Mixture types: Solution, Suspension etc.  Plantlet
Solution Types, plasmolysis & imbibition  Plantlet
Concept of water potential  Plantlet
Properties of water & its movements in plants  Plantlet
Water absorption by plants  Plantlet
Ascent of sap  Plantlet
Transpiration mechanism  Plantlet
Introduction & Requirements Shariar Khan Foysal
Mechanism: Light Dependent Phase Shariar Khan Foysal
Mechanism: Light Independent Phase Shariar Khan Foysal
Factors of Photosynthesis Shariar Khan Foysal
Respiration: Part one  Shompa & Plantlet
Respiration: Part two  Shompa & Plantlet
Photoperiodism: Flowering in Plants (Part I) Shraboni Mostofa
Vernalization: Cold treatment in plants Shraboni Mostofa
Physiology of Seed Germination Shraboni Mostofa
Seed Dormancy: Reasons, Breaking Methods and Advantages Shraboni Mostofa
Auxin: The First Phytohormone Plantlet
Biochemistry  Author or Compiler 
Active & Passive Immunity  Ferdous Ahmed Opi
Carbohydrates: The Central to Nutrition Ferdous Ahmed Opi
Thermodynamics: A Relationships Between Heat and Other Forms of Energy (Part 1 & 2) Ferdous Ahmed Opi
Lipids and Fatty Acids: An Inescapable Organic Compounds Ferdous Ahmed Opi
Mode of Action  Ferdous Ahmed Opi
Vitamins Abdul Bari Chowdhury
Amino acids & peptides Ferdous Ahmed OPi
Protein and Peptides: An Inevitable Source of Nutrition Ferdous Ahmed Opi
Introduction to carbohydrates Fahima Binte Rahim
Disaccharide  Plantlet
Characteristics & Structures of protein Plantlet
Classification of protein Sufia Akter
  1. Fatty acid
  2. The lipid
1. Plantlet
2. Razwana Shorna
Terpenoids: Types & Synthesis Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Essential oil Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Alkaloids Plantlet
Phenol Tubaia Zannat Juthi