Toxic Algae & Human Health

Algal toxins are toxic substances released by some types of algae when they are present in large quantities (Blooms) and decay or degrade. These toxins are called ‘Phycotoxins’ (from Greek, phykos, “seaweed”; and toxikon, “toxin”). They are usually complex allelopathic metabolites produced by algal secondary metabolic pathways. These metabolites are (in most cases) not harmful to …

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Chloroplast Evolution: Endosymbiotic Theory

Algae is a heterogeneous group of organisms containing members having chlorophyll ‘a’ as their primary photosynthetic pigments. These green chlorophyll molecules along with some accessory pigments are contained generally in a membrane-bound packet-like structure called chloroplast within the algal body. In some members, the chloroplast is absent though; such as …

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