Pyrrophyta-The Fire Algae (Dinoflagellate)

Pyrrophyta or fire algae is a unicellular algae (single-celled) has a yellow brown color, but has two different flagellas, ribbon-shaped. It contains some pigments (chlorophyll-A, chlorophyll-B, C1,C2 and fucoxanthin) that can photosynthesize. Only dinoflagellates have the ability to photosynthesize. They are bioluminescent, meaning that they produce and emit light. Early …

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Chloroplast Evolution: Endosymbiotic Theory

Algae is a hetergenous group of organisms containing members having chlorphyll ‘a’ as their primary photosynthetic pigments. These green chlorophyll molecules along with some accessory pigments are contained generally in a membrane bound packet like structure called chloroplast within the algal body. In some members, chloroplast is absent though; such …

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