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Bryophyta: Classification and Identification of Bryophytes


Living organisms are classified into five kingdoms by R.H. Whittaker. He classified living species based on cellular structure, manner of nourishment, body organization, reproduction, phylogenetic relationship, and other factors. Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia were the five kingdoms. According to the above-mentioned criteria, the plant kingdom has been divided …

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Biodiversity Loss & Conservation : Conservation and its Types

Conservation Global acceptance – that conservation of Biodiversity is essential; so, many countries and world organizations are active with definite agenda for conservation What is conservation? “Conservation is the management of human use of the biosphere to yield greatest sustainable benefit to current generations, while maintaining its potential to meet …

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Biodiversity loss and Conservation : Causes of Extinction

  Biodiversity loss and Conservation Extinction is the evolutionary equivalent of the proverbial adage that “death and taxes are inevitable.” Evolutionary biologists are certain that, just as every person will eventually pass away, every species will eventually go extinct. In reality, according to the fossil record, 99.9% of all species …

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Biodiversity: Prehistoric Periods of Earth

Graphical representation of Earth's history as a spiral

Ecology is a branch of biology that studies and explains the biodiversity of existing ecosystems. Ecological processes have evolutionary implications as well. They interact with genetic diversity via adaptation, microevolution and speciation. Biodiversity expresses the richness of life within a specific bio-bubble. Which has a very substantial history and a …

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