Systematics & Evolution of Life

Systematics  Author or Compiler 
Some Basic concepts Nazia Hossain
Identification by Keys Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili
Lamiaceae Nusrat Jahan Nitu
Liliaceae Nusrat Jahan Nitu
Apocynaceae Nusrat Jahan Nitu
Orchidaceae Nusrat Jahan Nitu
Poaceae Nusrat Jahan Nitu
Euphorbiaceae Siddiq Hasan
DNA Barcoding Abdul Bari Chowdhury
Genetic Marker Abdul Bari Chowdhury
কার্জন হলের ফুলগুলি Siddiq Hasan
কার্জনের বৃক্ষ Siddiq Hasan
Introduction with Classification & Characteristics of Gymnosperms Plantlet
Order of Cycadopsida Plantlet
Orders of Coniferopsida Plantlet
Orders of Gnetopsida Plantlet
Gymnosperms in Bangladesh Plantlet
Primitive Cycas and Advanced Gnetum Plantlet
Introduction to paleobotany & fossil Plantlet
Fossilization process & its analysis Plantlet
Economic Botany: Plants as Sources of Economic Products Shraboni Mostofa
Classification of Medicinal Plants Plantlet
Spice and condiments Asfi Raian Ome
Oil with classification Tarek Siddiki Taki
Pulses Asfi Raian Ome
Fiber yielding plants Plantlet
Timber yielding plants Asfi Raian Ome
Rubber: Cultivation & Processing Plantlet
Introduction and the preamble of Melourne & Shenzen Code  Plantlet
Division I: Principles of ICN  Plantlet
Division II containing:
Status definition
Principles of Priority
Author’s citation Plantlet
IUCN Red list categories Plantlet
Species concept Plantlet
Biosystematics: Steps & Categories  Plantlet
John Hutchinson
Arthur Cronquist
Armen Takhtajan
Chromosome number Plantlet
Chromosome structure Robin Khan
Chromosome behavior Robin Khan
Introduction & primary metabolite Plantlet
Secondary metabolites  Plantlet
Semantides Plantlet
National parks and protected areas of Bangladesh Plantlet
Aquatic angiosperms Hasibur Rahman
Euphorbiaceae Plantlet
Prodigality of Reproduction Plantlet