Protected areas of Bangladesh

There are 19 protected areas in Bangladesh, covering 2,458 sq. km and representing 1.68% of the land area (FD record as on July 2007).  The Forest Department has the mandate for the management of these protected areas.  The protected areas are declared in the country under the “Bangladesh Wildlife (Preservation) (Amendment) Act, 1974”. The protected areas are divided into three types. 

National Parks 

National Park is a relatively large area of scenic and natural beauty created for the preservation of scenery, flora, and fauna in a natural state to which access of the public for recreation and educational and research purposes is allowed. There are 10 national parks available in our country. They are:

Name of the National Parks Location Area (ha) Year of Notification
1. Bhawal National Park  Gazipur 5,022 1982
2. Himchari National Park Cox’s Bazar 1,729 1980
3. Lawachara National Park Moilvibazar 1,250 1996
4. Madhupur National Park Tangail/Mymensingh 8,436 1982
5. Kaptai National Park Rangamati 5,465 1999
6. Ramsagar National Park Dinajpur 52 1974
 7. Nijhum Dweep National Park Noakhali 16,352 2001
8. Medha Kassapia National Park Cox’s Bazar 395.92 2004
9. Satchari National Park Habiganj 242.91 2005
10. Khadeem Nagar National Park Sylhet 678.80 2006

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife Sanctuary is an area closed to hunting, shooting or trapping of wild animals and maintained undisturbed for breeding of wildlife and vegetation, soil and water is protected from public interference. There are 8 wildlife sanctuaries present. 

Name of Wildlife areas  Location  Area (ha) Year of notification
Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary Chittagong 7,761 1986
Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary Rangamati 42,087 1983
Rema- Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary Habiganj 1,795 1996
 Sundarbans (East) Bagerhat 31,227 1996
Sundarbans (South) Wildlife Sanctuary Khulna 36,970  1996
Sundarbans (West) Wildlife Sanctuary Satkhira 71,502  1996
Char Kukri Mukri Wildlife Sanctuary Bhola  40 1981
Fashikhali Wildlife Sanctuary Cox’s bazar 3,217 2007


Game Reserve

Game Reserves are created for protection of wildlife and increasing their number where capturing of wild animals is unlawful. There is only one game reserve present in our country named Teknaf Game Reserve, Cox’s Bazar which area is 11,615 ha. and notified on 1983.


(This article is completely based on the Lecture sheet provided by Dr. Md Oliur Rahman, Professor, Department of Botany, University of Dhaka.
Some pictures and info have been added by the author. Any mistake, error, misinformation and other related things found in this article is only author’s to blame)


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