• Abulais Shomrat

    Abulais Shomrat

    Currently in 4th year (Hons) in the Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. Planned to have multiple careers one by one but promised to be with 'Plantlet' as long as it's primary stage remains unfinished. Email: abulaisshomrat@gmail.com Minimum monthly resolution - Publish (1), Revise (3), Share (5)
  • Abdul Bari Chowdhury

    Abdul Bari Chowdhury

    A Biology maniac who is interested in fundamental research attempt to explore and explain the underlying mechanisms that govern the functioning of living matter............
  • Farzana Rayhan Runa

    Farzana Rayhan Runa

    I am a 4th year (Hon's) student of Botany,University of Dhaka,wanna go ahead with my beloved Department
  • Ferdous Ahamad Opi

    Ferdous Ahamad Opi

    A 1st year biology maven who try to conduct research using the scientific method to test the validity of a theory in a rational, unbiased and reproducible manner.......
  • Mst. Nusrat Jahan Nitu

    Mst. Nusrat Jahan Nitu

    A 1st-year student of Department of Botany at the University of Dhaka. Opportunity seeker. Hope to do something remarkable.
  • Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili

    Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili

    A girl with a lot of dreams to accomplish and make her parents proud. Currently studying in 1st year of B.Sc in University of Dhaka. Want to walk with Plantlet a long way. Interested with debate, music, photography and poem recitation.
  • Khaleda Akter Shompa

    Khaleda Akter Shompa

    Currently studying in 2nd year at Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. Wants to learn multiple things for the development of skill. A good listener also.
  • Md. Siddiq Hasan

    Md. Siddiq Hasan

    Wants to live in the Nature where every living being is known to me...
  • Saifun Nahar Smriti

    Saifun Nahar Smriti

    Currently in 2nd year at Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. Curious about the vast Plant science world & wants to contribute some fruitful contents to Plantlet.
  • Sheikh Sunzid Ahmed

    Sheikh Sunzid Ahmed

    I am currently doing Masters (Thesis) in Plant Taxonomy Lab. In offtime, I try to write here. If you have any query, please feel free to contact. Gmail: Sunzid79@gmail.com Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheikh-sunzid-ahmed-6913b91a3/
  • Noushin Sharmili Suzana

    Noushin Sharmili Suzana

    Currently studying Bachelor of Science at Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. I am a seeker for multi-talents, love to know about new things and also a nature-lover. I love clicking photographs. Graphic designing and digital content making are my newest passions.
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    Tarek Siddiki Taki

    Currently studying at Department of Botany, University of Dhaka.
  • Alpona Akter

    Alpona Akter

    Staying in 1st year (hons) in the Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. From childhood I love natural beauty. And my curious mind wants to know the magical worlds of plants. So I want to do something to this place.
  • Asfi Raian Ome

    Asfi Raian Ome

    Currently I am a student of B.S. Honors in Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. My first goal is to become a good human being and second one is to help those in need by any honest means. The rest is on Allah.
  • Shakila Mahbuba Chowa

    Shakila Mahbuba Chowa

    Currently in 2nd year(Hons) in the Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. I contain a little amount of knowledge of the vast Bioscience and Plant Science world. I'm running out of thirst for more knowledge related to this branch and have tried to write a little bit here. Please Forgive my mistakes and let me know about those.
  • Fahima Binte Rahim

    Fahima Binte Rahim

    Currently in 3rd year in Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. I am the girl who is nature lover & craving for learning something new.
  • Jibon Hridoy

    Jibon Hridoy

    My life has always been like Brownian particles with random motions. While my life's been colliding with Plantlet, hope to have perfect momentum for the best outcome.
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    Umme Farzana Lima

    A biology fanatic who is interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms that govern the functioning of living matter as well as the complex properties..........
  • Armany Arju Lubna

    Armany Arju Lubna

    A curious girl with many questions.Want to discover life in a different way.And lastly,"Miles to go before i sleep."
  • Nandiny Ghosh

    Nandiny Ghosh

    I am Nandiny, student of Botany Department, Dhaka University. Currently my final year of B.S honours is going on. Here, I write about the chances and ways of career and higher studies mostly. I hope to provide as much as information I can from different sources.
  • Nazia Hossain

    Nazia Hossain

    A Girl wearing the spirit of invincible Nature,student of university of Dhaka,Botany Department,1st year ...
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  • Shahidul Islam Shamim

    Shahidul Islam Shamim

    I am Shahidul Islam Shamim. I am a student of Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. I like natural Photography and always trying to find the mechanisms behind the natural mysterious.
  • Md Shariar Khan Foysal

    Md Shariar Khan Foysal

    I am a student of Agricultural Biotechnology in Eskisehir, Turkey.I dream for a better and pollution free green Earth.
  • Shajneen Jahan Shoily

    Shajneen Jahan Shoily

    currently student of University of Dhaka. I am on my B.S Honours 2nd Year at Department of Botany. I've always been passionate about learning new things about plants and want to know more and more. Plantlet is such an opportunity to expand my horizons while doing something I love. Minimum Monthly Resolution - Publish (1) , Revise(2) , share (2)
  • Tanjin Ahmed Sourav

    Tanjin Ahmed Sourav

    The tiny one with not so tiny dreams..
  • Tahmina Mojumder Nisa

    Tahmina Mojumder Nisa

    currently in 3rd year (Hons) in the department of Botany, University of Dhaka. I am enthusiastic and hard-working university undergraduate student who is seeking a chance to work as a researcher specifically in bioscience. tahminanisa68.du@gmail.com
  • Tarannum Ahsan

    Tarannum Ahsan

    I'm a student of department of botany at University of Dhaka. I'm learning a lot of new interesting things about different spheres of botany and I'll keep updating about them to keep your knowledge of nature enriched.