Cell & Its Study

Article Name Author or Compiler 
Introduction  Khaleda Akter Shompa
Mycoplasma, the simplest prokaryotic cell Plantlet
Structure & Composition Amzed Tabassum
Origin & Growth Amzed Tabassum
Mitochondria: The Powerplant for an Eukaryotic Cell Noushin Sharmili Suzana
Ribosome: The Protein Factory of Cell Khaleda Akter Shompa
Endoplasmic Reticulum Shajneen Shoily
Cell Cycle Khaleda Akter Shompa
Amitosis: Direct and Simplest Cell Division Ever Noushin Sharmili Suzana
Mitosis Fariha Tandra
Meiosis or reductional division  Fariha Tandra
Lamp brush chromosome Khaleda Akter Shompa
1. Nucleosome model
2. Solenoid model
1. Plantlet
2. Plantlet
Karyotype and idiogram Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Structural and Numerical Plantlet