Ascomycetes: Characteristics & Classification

  Good to know The imperfect stage of Penicillium in which it passes most part of its life cycle is sclerotium. One celled ascomycetes is Saccharomyces cerevisae. One celled lower fungi is Synchytrium endobioticum. Ascomyectes- Powdery mildew. Basidiomycetes- Usually no sexual reproduction. Deuteromycetes- Imperfect fungi. Imperfect stage- Asexual reproduction…anamorphic fungi…mitosporic …

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Fungi: Vegetative Structures & Reproduction

Vegetative structure Lower fungi: Coenocytic Higher fungi Septate, thalloid (can be one celled e.g. Yeast) and branched. Color: Hyaline (colorless), sub-hyaline (light color), brown. Special vegetative structure Appressorium: Colletotrichum Chalmydospore: Fusarium Sclerotium: Sclerotium rolfsii Hyphopodium : Meliola Haustoria: Erysiphe sp. N.B. Facultative and Deuteromyces: i+ii+iii examples Obligate (only in living …

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