Map Plantlet

Identification of plants is quite essential for Botanists. So, Plantlet family has taken a step to prepare a GPS based information profile for different plants. The work is very tiresome and challenging but interesting as well. The primary focus has been set on the plants of Curzon Hall and other areas of University of Dhaka. But the work of adding plants from different parts of Bangladesh will also be going on.

Note: The locations of the plants have been placed here very carefully. Still, the coordinate might give different results based on the app one is using, the internet connection and the time given to determine the correct location by the app.

We suggest that
you find the approximate location of the plant and use the images given for that plant to identify it.
The best part of this map is that we have used the real location image so that it becomes easier for you to identify it. 

Help us to Help you

You can contribute to this map and thus make it more accurate and helpful to you and others. If you like this map and love what we are doing or trying to do here, you can send an appreciation email to us.

Email link: plantletorg@gmail.com

You can help the plant lovers from all over the country by –

  • sending us plant pic with GPS location.
  • informing us about the map if you find any misinformation.