Subject Book Writer Edition
Marine Biology
Phycology R. E. Lee 4th
Algal Culturing Techniques Robert A. Andersen 2005
The Blue-Green Algae Fogg & Stewart 1973
Freshwater Algae of North America: Ecology & Classification Wehr & Sheath 2003
Freshwater Algae: Identification & Use as Bioindicators Bellinger & Sigee 2010
Freshwater Algae of North America: Ecology & Classification Wehr, Sheath & Kociolek 3rd
The Diatom world Seckbach & Kociolek 2011
An Introduction to the Microscopical Study of Diatoms McLaughlin 2012
Marine Biology Castro & Huber 2015
Fundamentals of Biochemistry J. L. Jain 2004
General, Organic & Biochemistry Denniston 4th
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants Buchanan, Gruissem & Jones 2nd
Fundamentals of Biostatistics Bernard Rosner 8th
Mahajan’s Methods in Biostatistics Arun Bhadra 8th
Bryophyta O. P. Sharma 2014
Mosses & Other Bryophytes (Illustrated Book) Bill & Nancy 2000
Introduction to Bryophytes Vanderpoorten & Goffinet 2009
Cell Biology
Cell & Molecular Biology: Concepts & Experiments Gerald Karp 7th
Cell & Molecular Biology: Concepts & Experiments Gerald Karp 6th
Molecular Biology of the Cell Bruce Alberts 6th
Embryology An Embryology of Angiosperm P. Maheshwari 1950
The Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins 3rd
The Origin of Species Charles Darwin 1995
The Ancestor’s Tale Richard Dawkins 2015
Fungi Introduction to Fungi Webster & Weber 3rd
The Kingdom of Fungi (Illustrated Book) Jens H. Petersen
Plant Pathology: Concepts & Laboratory Exercises Trigiano, Mark, Windham 1st
Plant Pathology George N. Agrios 5th

Color Atlas of Genetics Eberhard Passarge 3rd
Principles of Genetics Snustad & Simmons 6th
Genes VIII Benjamin Lewin 2004
Molecular Biology of the Gene J. M. Watson 5th
Genomes 3 T. A. Brown 3rd
Gene Cloning & DNA Analysis: An Introduction T. A. Brown 6th
Genetics: Principles & Analysis Hartl & Jones 4th
Genetics: A Conceptual Approach Benjamin A. Pierce
Lewin’s Genes XI Krebs, Goldstein & Kilpatrick 11th
Lewin’s Genes XII Krebs, Goldstein & Kilpatrick 2018
Principles of Genetics Snustad & Simmons 6th
Principle of Gene Manipulation & Genomics Primrose & Twyman 7th


Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology Pommerville 8th
Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology Pommerville 9th
A Textbook of Plant Virus Diseases K. M. Smith 3rd
Microbiological Applications: Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology Benson 8th
Microbiology: An Introduction Tortora, Funke & Case 12th
Plant Virus Evolution M. J. Roossinck 2007
Physiology Introduction to Plant Physiology Hopkins & Huner 4th
Plant Physiology & Development Taiz & Zeiger 6th
Plant Physiology Taiz & Zeiger 5th
Plant Physiology, Development & Metabolism  Bhatla & Lal 2018
Pteridophyta Botany for Degree Students (Pteridophyta) Vashishta 2006
Plant Taxonomy O. P. Sharma 2nd
Flowering Plants Takhtajan 2nd
Green Plants: Their Origin & Diversity Bell & Hemsley 2nd
Vascular Plant Systematic Radford


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