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Introduction  Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili
Rhizoid and Rhizomorph Ismayara Akter Liza
Importance Part I Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili
Importance Part II Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili
An Overview of Chytridiomycetes Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili
Life cycle of Synchytrium endobioticum Shawon Gosh Payell
An Overview of Oomycetes Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili
Order: Saprolegniales Abdul Bari Chowdhury
Order: Peronosporales Abdul Bari Chowdhury
An Overview of Zygomycetes Syeda Nusrat Jahan Mili
Fungi: Importance in Economy Mashrifa Sharin
An Introduction to Fungi  Ahmed Saad
Lower Fungi & Higher Fungi Plantlet
Vegetative structures Plantlet
Asexual Reproduction & Reproductive Structures Plantlet
Sexual Reproduction Plantlet
Identification Tarek Siddiki Taki
Introduction to Sac Fungi Plantlet
Endomycetales & Saccharomycetaceae Plantlet
Eurotiales: Aspergilli & Penicillin Plantlet
Erysiphales Plantlet
Clavicipitales & Claviceps purpurea Plantlet
Characteristics & Classification Plantlet
Agaricales Plantlet
Introduction & classification   Monirul Islam
Agaricales Plantlet
Introduction & classification   Monirul Islam
Concepts: Intro, Triangle & Cycle Tithi Chowdhury
Causes of diseases Tithi Chowdhury
Classification of plant diseases  Plantlet
Importance of plant diseases in Agriculture Plantlet
Pathogenicity test: Diagnosis of an unknown fungal pathogen Plantlet
1. The Disease Cycle: Introduction
2. Inoculation and penetration
3. Infection and dissemination
4. Over-seasoning
Disease control Robin Khan
Rice diseases Plantlet
Wheat diseases Plantlet
Jute diseases Farzana Rayhan
Sugarcane diseases  Plantlet
Groundnut diseases Tahmina Mojumder Nisa
Plant Pathology Plantlet