Sugarcane disease: Red Rot


Red rot of Sugarcane

Red rot is one of the major diseases of sugarcane found in many areas of the world. It was first described in 1983.


  • Colletotrichum falcatum


  • The first symptom of red rot in the field is discoloration of the young leaves.
  • The margins and tips of the leaves wither and leaves droop.
  • The discoloration and withering continues from the tip of the leaf base.
  • When a diseased plant is open, a characteristic sour odour comes out, indicating the disease.
  • The tissues reddened throughout the basal portion and vascular bundle with white patches. These white patches are the characteristic symptom of red rot of sugarcane.

Control measures

  • The selected part should be chosen from healthy plants.
  • For seed disinfection, bordeaux mixture can be used.
  • Burning measures can be taken for infected leaves and cane.
  • Proper sanitation.
  • Resistant varieties can be used to control the disease.