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Clavicipitales: Ergot by Claviceps Purpurea

Claviceps are member of the pyrenomycetes, fungi which are referred when they form perithecial ascocarp. They are important as the parasites of many endophytes in their life as discussed below- Classification Class: Ascomycetes Sub-class: Hymenomycetidae I, Hymenomycetidae II. Order: Hypocreales Family: Clavicipitaceae Genus: Claviceps Vegetative structure The intercellular hyphae are …

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Eurotiales: Perfect & Imperfect Stages of Aspergilli & Penicilli

Aspergillus Why do some sexual stages lack active antheridium? What are the conditions favouring sexual reproduction? Good to know The mycelial or ascospore stages are the ones that overwinter in the life cycle. Classification Phylum: Ascomycota (Filamentous ascomyecetes) Class: Ascomycetes Order: Eurotiales Family: Trichocomaceae Genus: Aspergillus Species: A. niger, A. …

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Fungal classification: Lower & Higher Fungi

Biologists use the term ‘fungus’ to include eukaryotic, spore-bearing, achlorophyllous organisms that generally reproduce sexually and asexually. They are usually made up of filamentous, branched somatic structures which are typically surrounded by cell walls containing chitin or cellulose, or both of these substances. The fungi originated as a distinctive group …

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