Tarek Siddiki Taki


Identification Of Ascomycetes: The Sac Fungi

There are two basic method of the identification of Ascomycetes. By observing their unique structure. From complex test. By Observing Unique Structure (This type of identification doesn’t claim complicated test or comparitive studies. Only the pure and ensured observennce is required.) The primary morphological character that distinguishes the members of …

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Origin Of Bryophytes

Though almost in all cases, when we talk about origin, it goes about the discussion of fossil, bryophytes don’t have any primitive form than what at present-day it is. Usually the study about the origin of bryophyte is something like hypothesis- based upon the comparative studies about the morphology, habitat …

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Sphagnum: A Useful Peat

(AB: This article only contains the use of peat from Sphagnum and it’s uses in gardening. Although some constructive discussions are in here to facilitate it, they are not exhaustive.) If you are fond of gardening or concerned about the dying condition of your trees, this article will be helpful …

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Algae: Can They Provide Sufficient Oxygen Alone?

In the very beginning of the article, let’s have a flashback of few interesting information about algae: The Algae does 60% of the total Photosynthesis. BGA (Blue-Green Algae) started photosynthesis and produced free oxygen for the first time. About 40-50% of the total oxygen in the atmosphere comes from algae. Now, the question …

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