Monocotylidonous Family: Liliaceae

Systematic position

According to Bentham and Hooker it is placed under the series Coronaricae. Engler places it under the order Liliflorae. Hutchinson places it under the order Liliales of the division Corolliferae.


The members of the family are cosmopolitan and specially abundant in the warmer parts of the tropical and temperate regions.

Taxonomic terms that might help in understanding the key features & description added in the later part.

  • perrenial is a type of plants that lives more than two years.
  • tendrillar is a modified stipule that is used for climbing.
  • exstipulate no stipule.


General  charecters


Usually perrenial herbs, persisting by means of bulb or rhizome.


Simple, alternate or whorled, mostly parallel veined, exstipulate (leaves with no stipule. But its not similar with sessile), tendrillar(modified stipule).


Generally racemose.


Incomplete, actinomorphic bisexual, hypogynous.


Lobes 6 in 2 whorls of 3 each, lobes are termed as tepals(unit of perianths, not differentiated into calyx and corolla) free or united petaloid, usually imbricate or the outer lobes valvate.


Stamens 6 to 2 series, sometimes epiphyllous, anthers 2-celled basifixed or versatile, anther introse or extrose.


Carpels 3, united, ovary superior, 3 locular with axile placentation, style single or forked, stigma 3 lobed.


A septicidal or loculidicial capsule.


With carthlaginous or fleshy endosperm, embryo straight or curved.

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Identyfying charecter

  • Plants herbaceous, rhizomatous.
  • Leaves radical or cauline or reduced to leaflike structure with parallel venation.
  • Inflorescence generally racemose.
  • Flower actinomorphic bisexual hypogynous.
  • Stamens 6.
  • Carpels 3, united, ovary, superior, placentation axile.

Important plants of Liliaceae family

Economically it is a very important family. Plants described here in different banners are:


Plant name and comments


Food Allium cepa
Image source: Wikipedia.
Allium sativum
Image source: Wikipedia
Medicinal Veratrum viride
Image source: Wikipedia
Urginea indica
Urginea indica (Roxb.) Kunth.
Image source: Science of plants
Fritillaria raylei
Fritillaria cirrhosa, Chuan bei mu, Sichuan Fritillary, Tendrilled ...
Image source: Here
Ornamental Lilium candidum
The Madonna Lily Lilium Candidum
Image source: Here


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