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Primitive Characters of Cycas and Advanced features of Gnetum

Gymnosperms are seed producing plants which do not produce any covering surrounding seed. Cycas and Gnetum are two example of Gymnosperms that are respectively considered as primitive and advanced species. In this article, Primitive characters of Cycas and advanced ones of Gnetum will be discussed explicitly. CYCAS Cycas is a …

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Gymnosperm: Introduction, Characteristics & Classification

Gymnosperms are seed-producing plants that do not produce any covering surrounding the seed i.e. the seed remains naked. The word ‘Gymnosperm’ originates from Gk. ‘gymnos’ meaning ‘naked’ and Gk. ‘sperma’ meaning ‘seeds’. A Greek botanist named Theophrastus first used the term ‘Gymnosperm’ in 300 BC in his book ‘Enquiry into …

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