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Alkaloids: A Secondary Metabolite

All of us might have heard about nicotine, cocaine and morphine. These are some bad world’s words that we always keep us away from. However, in biochemistry, a beautiful science where every natural compounds are discussed, these bad words along with some beauties have taken a very special sub-field known …

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Heterosis Breeding: Being Better Than Parents

Introduction Heterosis means deviation of the characteristics of offspring from the actual characters of parents. Heterosis is often called true heterosis or euheterosis. It may be defined as the superiority of an F1 hybrid over both of its parents in terms of yield or some other characters (vigorous, sturdier, taller …

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Introduction to Male Sterility

Male sterility The male reproductive organs are mal-developed or aborted so that no viable pollens will be formed. This condition is known as male sterility (M.S) and may be inherited due to genetic, cytoplasmic or interaction of both genetic and cytoplasmic causes.   History of Male Sterility The first documentation …

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