Tricks for GRE Preparation

Preparation tricks for GRE are described here:

GRE Quant Prep Advice

Start with Math concepts books like Manhattan/Kaplan or Magoosh books. These concepts books will give you good foundations of math topics, formula, and how concepts are tested.


Then move to ETS Official GRE books to get the feeling of how the real questions look like, the difficulty level of real questions, and how official questions are tested. In addition, for more practice, you may through the Manhattan 5lb book or Princeton/Kaplan practice books.

During the practice, mark the question that you struggled to answer so that someday you can review those questions one more time. During your practice sessions, it is important that you identify your weak spot and practice more on those weak areas from different sources.

Give mocks in between practice sessions to get a true sense of how far away you are from the target. If you are behind your target point by a big margin; it means that you have to intensify your effort. Just know that if you cannot get your target score on mock tests, it is near to impossible that you can hit the target score in the actual exam. If you can hit the target in mock 2/3 times, then it is very likely that you can hit the target on the actual exam.

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For full-length mock, make sure that you seriously take ETS’s two official free mock tests. They are known as prep 1 and prep 2. ETS has 3 more mock tests which you have to buy and I would suggest if possible buy other paid 3 mock test from the ETS. Make sure you give the mock tests in exam condition and in one sitting.

This will help you
1. build your exam stamina,
2. to manage time during the exam and
3. most importantly to find your weak spots and boost the confidence

GRE Verbal Prep Advice

If you look at the GRE Verbal question format; 50% of questions are based on comprehension and even in the sentence completion questions from where you will get around 30% of the question, you need to understand the context and meaning of the long sentence.

This means that without good comprehension ability, it is highly difficult to do well in GRE verbal. The popular myth that GRE verbal is totally based on tough vocabulary is not true at all. Vocabulary is important but having a good comprehension ability of English in non-traditional topics like biology, astronomy is very important too.


For GRE words, Memorize Magoosh’s 1009 world list. Then Kaplan’s 500 words, Manhattan’s 500 words, and Barrons 333 word list. Once you are done with Magoosh word list, you will see other list is 70-80% common with the Magoosh word list.

For Verbal question Practice, follow the ETS official books and GRE Big Book’s RC and SC section.
GMAT official books are also a great source for reading comprehension practice.
Try to read regularly from Standard English sources such as The Economist, NY Times, or Scientific Americans.

Tips for Reading comprehension

1. When you read any passage whether from books or magazines, consider this – If you are to summarize the 30-50 lines in 1-2 lines, then what would be that 1-2 lines: this is the summary or main purpose of the passage. Almost every passage will have a main purpose question like this. Practice it regularly

2. When you read a passage or comprehension, try to understand the tone of the passage- negative/positive/neutral

3. After reading the passage, try to recognize how different paragraphs of the passage relate to one another or fit together.

4. If the writer uses any quotes /examples in the passages, try to understand what purpose that example serves to the main idea of the passage?

5. When you read the passage, try to read on topics that are unfamiliar to you. This is because you might be good at reading on familiar topics such as business, economics, sociology but you might be struggling on unfamiliar topics like earth crust, galaxy, or biology.

So try to build your comprehension ability by reading beyond your comfort zone. Initially, this would be tough/discomforting, but as you practice reading beyond your comfort zone, you will realize that your reading skills are improving gradually.

Best of Luck !!

CREDIT: Sajib Hossain_ GRE_329 (Q-167, V-162)

#Collected from the facebook group named “HigherStudyAbroad – Global Hub of Bangladeshis”

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