Japan as a Place for Higher Studies

Japan, It is a country in Eastern Asia. Almost everyone in Bangladesh, who knows about Japan, likes this country. There are a lot of students here, who want to pursue higher studies in Japan. But because of lack of enough information, students face problems.


Quality of Higher Studies in Japan:

There is no way to question the quality of studies at Japanese Universities. Some of the world’s famous universities are there in Japan. Japanese Universities are mainly research dependent.  In  Qs Ranking-2021, there are 14  universities of Japan among the first 100 universities of Asia.


Almost all Japanese Universities offer Bachelors, Masters and PHD courses to international students.


Tution fees:

There are a good number of Universities in Japan which costs less, but are best in Asia. Here is a list of some Universities which demand less tution fees:


– Aichi University ($7500/year)
– Osaka University ($4000/year)
– Kyushu University ($4000/year)
– Tohoku University ($4000/year)
– Kyoto University ($4500/year)
– Keio University ($8500/year)
– Kansai University ($7500/year)
– Nagoya University ($4000/year)
– Tokyo City University ($11000/year)


But tution fees may vary from the stated amount, according to the type of programme. One can find details by looking into  University websites.

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For Higher studies in Japan, there are some scholarships. Among those MEXT scholarship is a popular one.


MEXT scholarship: One can  apply for this in one of the two remaining ways. Firstly, one can apply through Japanese Embassy Bangladesh. Secondly, application can be done through Japanese University.


ABD scholarship: The important criteria to be eligible for this scholarship is to have work experience of two years. Who doesn’t have this, cannot apply.


World Bank scholarship: In March of each year the circular is published and students have to apply at that time.


Alongside these scholarships, there are fundings for students from universities or departments.




Students can find information about admission in the websites of respective universities. Firstly, one has to decide about his interest in courses there. Then, he has to select Universities and make a list. Some universities require online admission test.

If one passes that test he has to apply after that. Sometimes online interviews are also done in the process.


Part time job:

Interrnational students recieve 128 hours work permit monthly. One can earn 1 lakh 28 thousand Japanese Yen by this way. This is an enough amount for the living expenses in Tokyo. In other cities the costs are less in amount. Being able to speaak Japanese language is a prerequisite to get a part time job.



It takes a long time to manage PR in Japan. One has to live around 10 years in Japan to have PR.


Some famous Universities in Japan:

– The University of Tokyo (World Ranking: 22)
– Kyoto University (World Ranking: 33)
– Tokyo Tech (World Ranking: 58)
– Osaka University (World Ranking: 71)
– Tohoku University (World Ranking: 82)
– Nagoya University (World Ranking: 115)


The original writer of this post is Mohaiminul Islam.

This post is collected from the facebook group named, ” Higher Studies Abroad from Bangladesh”

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