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Chromosomal Aberration: Structural and Numerical

What is Chromosomal Aberration? Any type of change in the structure and number of chromosomes due to certain irregularities during cell division is known as chromosomal aberration. Broadly such aberrations are divided into two major groups. Structural aberration Numerical aberration Again, structural aberrations are of 4 types. Such as: Deletion …

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The Microsporangium & the Male Gametophyte

Microsporangium: The sporangium that is connected with the production of microspores (pollen grains) eventually development of male gametophyte is known as microsporangium. Microsporangia are produced on stamen where each stamen has a bilobed anther (each lobe has two microsporangia), connective and anther filament. When anther produces four elongated microsporangia, the …

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