Dicotylidonous Family: Apocynaceae

Systematic position Bentham and Hooker placed it in the sub-class Gamopetalae,the series Bicarpellate and Cohort Gentianales . According to Engler it belongs to the sub-class Metachlymadeae, the sub-order Gentianineae under the order Controtae.Hutchinson places it under the order Apocynales of the Phylum Lignosae. Distribution The family contains about 300 genera …

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Biosystematics: Steps and Categories

The steps in the biosystematic investigation are as follows A sampling of taxon and its population and cytological study of the chromosome of many populations within geographical races, species, and genera; differences in chromosome number, morphology, and behavior of meiosis indicated genetic differences. Determination of the ability of the different …

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