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Phases of Growth in Batch Culture

Batch culture: A close system culture of algae in which there will be no supply or withdrawal of culture medium and biomass into or out of the culture vessel. In this type of culture the amount of medium and inoculum are known and specific. a. Lag phase It is the …

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Algal Culture Types & Culture Media

Culture of algae in laboratory is not only important for knowing the details of the external morphology and reproduction in a particular algae or algal group, it is equally important to know the details of algal life-histories, taxonomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and also its ultra-structure. Most of  the development in …

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The Selfish Gene: The Mean of Existence

Part-1 This is more of a book review than just an article sharing including intuitive visualizations from the other sources related to “The Selfish Gene” (1976) on evolutionary biology by the evangelist of biological science Richard Dawkins. Unfortunately, this book wasn’t too popular from the day of it’s publications because …

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