Difference between: Environmental Microbiology


This series includes the difference table between

  • Habitat and Niche
  • Autochthonous and Allochthonous
  • Neuston and Pleuston
A habitat is an ecological or and evironmental area that is inhabitaed by a particular animal, plant or other types of organisms.A niche is a term describing the role and position of a species in its environment.
Habitat is made up of physiological factors and biotic factors.A niche is introduced all interactions with the biotic and abiotic factors.
It is mainly a geographical area with different kinds of organisms.It mainly describes how an organism meets all physiological needs.
It is emphasized on ecological area.It emphasizes on the function of an organism.


Autochthonous microorganisms are permanent members of a given ecosystem.Allochthonous microorganisms are foreign members of a given ecosystem
Capable of survive, grow in a given ecosystem.Can not grow in the given ecosystem.
They are not transient members.They are transient members.
Organisms dont show wide variety.Organisms show a great variation.


The uppermost layer of hydrosphere.The uppermost layer of marine ecosphere.
It is the surface microlayer between hydrosphere and atmosphere.It is the surface microlayer between marine ecosphere and atmosphere.