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Chloroplast Evolution: Endosymbiotic Theory

Algae is a hetergenous group of organisms containing members having chlorphyll ‘a’ as their primary photosynthetic pigments. These green chlorophyll molecules along with some accessory pigments are contained generally in a membrane bound packet like structure called chloroplast within the algal body. In some members, chloroplast is absent though; such …

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Green Algae & The Origin of Higher Plants

The transformation of green, photosynthetic algae from their original simple aquatic life to advanced terrestrial plants was a key event in the history of planet Earth, ranking in significance with the origin of photosynthesis. It is quite obvious from phylogenetic, molecular and morphological studies that higher plants are derived from …

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Origin Of Bryophytes

Though almost in all cases, when we talk about origin, it goes about the discussion of fossil, bryophytes don’t have any primitive form than what at present-day it is. Usually the study about the origin of bryophyte is something like hypothesis- based upon the comparative studies about the morphology, habitat …

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