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Transcription: The Mechanism of pre-mRNA Synthesis

Transcription is the synthesis of RNA molecule using one of the DNA strands as a template. It is the first step in the transfer of genetic information from genotype to phenotype. However, this process of transcription is a highly selective one i.e definite genes are transcribed only when their products …

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Classification of protein

Proteins are the most abundant macro-molecules, occurring in each cell and each part of a cell. They are generally formed by one or more long chain(s) of amino acid residues. Classification of protein 1) Based on source There are two types of protein. a) Animal protein: They are derived from animal …

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DNA: The Genetic Material

The cell nucleus plays a key role in inheritance was recognized in the 1870s by the observation that the nuclei of male and female reproductive cells undergo fusion in the process of fertilization. Soon thereafter, chromosomes were first observed inside the nucleus as thread-like objects that become visible in the …

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