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Reproductive Biology in Crop Plants: Part Two

Reproduction is one of the fundamental features of life on earth. Reproduction means ‘to produce’. Plant reproduction is a biological process by which plants produce new individuals or offsprings. Reproduction enables the continuity of plant species, generation after generation. Modes of Reproduction Modes of reproduction in crop plants mainly devided …

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Reproductive Biology in Crop Plants: Part One

Reproduction is one of the fundamental features of life on earth. Reproduction means ‘to produce’. It is the way of producing offspring. In this article, basic ideas about plant reproduction including its modes and the significance of these modes will be discussed. Reproduction in Plants Plant reproduction is a biological …

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Leaf Traces & Pit Pairs

Strand of fluid-carrying vascular tissue extending from the main stem to the base of a leaf is Leaf Trace. Relatively thinner portions of the cell wall that adjacent cells can communicate or exchange fluid through are called Pits. In this article, Leaf traces and Pits will be discussed explicitly. Prolongations …

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Pulses are dry edible seeds of legumes belonging to the family Fabaceae. In the past three decades, global pulse production has grown rapidly. In the past ten years alone, the world has produced between 50 and 60 million tons of pulses each year. As of 2015, the world’s biggest producers …

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Japan as a Place for Higher Studies

Japan, It is a country in Eastern Asia. Almost everyone in Bangladesh, who knows about Japan, likes this country. There are a lot of students here, who want to pursue higher studies in Japan. But because of lack of enough information, students face problems.   Quality of Higher Studies in …

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Concept of Soil Fertility

Soil fertility means the ability of a soil to sustain plant growth by providing essential plant nutrients and favourable chemical, physical and biological characteristics as a habitat for plant growth. Soil Fertility Soil Fertility is defined as “the quality that enables a soil to provide the proper compounds, in the …

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Coral Reefs: Types, Formation and Importance

Coral reefs are beautiful underwater ecosystems, look like undersea cities, filled with colorful fishes and numerous wonderful creatures. Sometimes coral reefs are called the ‘rainforests’ of the sea. In this article, types, formation and importance of Coral Reefs will be discussed in detail. What are Coral Reefs? Coral reefs are …

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Soil as A Medium for Plant Growth

Soil is the most common medium for plant growth. It also serves as a foundation material for engineering structures, for sewage disposal or mined as ore. However, human’s primary interest in soil has centered on its potential to support plants which provide food, fibre and forest products. In this article, …

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