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Equisetum: The Scouring Rushes

Equisetum: The Scouring Rushes Equisetum commonly known as ‘Horsetails’ or ‘Scouring rushes’. It comprises about 25 species and is worldwide in distribution. Except This genus in vascular plants, there is no living genus in Equisetaceae family that reproduces by spores rather than seeds. Taxonomic position: Division: Sphenophyta Class: Sphenopsida Order: …

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Lycopodium: The Creeping Pines

Systematic Position Division: Lycophyta / Lepidophyta Class: Eligulopsida Order: Lycopodiales Family: Lycopodiaceae Genus: Lycopodium Also known as club mosses, Lycopods, creeping pines or tailing pines. Ligule: A membranous outgrowth projecting from the leaf sheath. On the basis of ligule, Lycophyta has 2 classes: Eligulopsida: Lycopodium phylloglossum Liqulopsida – Isoetales, Selaginellales …

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Classification of Pteridophytes

The term Pteridophyta was first coined by Haeckel. Eichler (1883) divided the plant kingdom into Cryptogamia and Phanerogamia. The Cryptogamia was further divided into Thallophyta. Bryophyta and Pteridophyta. Engler (1909) included the Bryophyta and Pteridophyta under Embryophyta. Due to discovery of the fossil plants, the classification of Pteridophytes has undergone …

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