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History of Botanical Exploration: Indian Subcontinent (Part 1)

It’s always helpful and extra-beneficial to check the background or history before learning a new subject matter. Why? Because this enrich us with some fundamental concepts behind the topic and enable us to understand how versatile ideas bloom and differentiate to shape a new body of knowledge. Isn’t that interesting!!! …

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Taxonomy: Genetic Marker

What is marker? Marker may be defined as “Mark of identification”. In Biology three major types of markers are used: Morphological marker (also called “classical” or “visible” markers) which are phenotypic traits. Biochemical markers, which are called isozymes- multiple forms of enzymes, including allelic variants of enzymes. A genetic marker …

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Chemotaxonomy: Semantides

Semantides are information-carrying molecules. Semantides provide taxonomic data not on the basis of presence or absence, but in terms of sequences, ratios or percentages,. Semantides are of three types, viz., Primary semantide – DNA Secondary semantide- RNA Tertiary semantides – Proteins Sometimes the semantides together with the larger polysachharides, are …

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