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Secretory Tissue: A Laticiferous Discussion

The tissues that are concerned with the secretion of gums, resins, volatile oils, nectar, latex and other substances are called Secretory tissues. These tissues are mainly divided into two groups: Laticiferous tissue. Glandular tissue. In this article, Laticiferous tissue will be discussed explicitly. Laticiferous tissue A laticifer is a type of …

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Deuteromycetes: The Fungi Imperfecti

Deuteromycetes- also known as Deuteromycota, Deuteromycotina, fungi imperfecti and mitosporic fungi- are fungi that are unable to produce sexual spores and are therefore placed in their own separate phylum. It is an artificial group of fungi, of which there exist approximately 15000 species. Deuteromycetes are often reffered to as “fungi …

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