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PCR : A key to the future

The polymerase chain reaction, generally known as PCR, is used in almost every application of gene technology. It is a method for rapid production of a very large number of copies of a particular fragment of DNA. Virtually unlimited quantities of a length of DNA can be produced from the …

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Life cycle of Synchytrium endobioticum

Article author: Shawon Gosh Payell Synchytrium endobioticum is one of the chytrid fungi which causes black scab or the wart disease of potato. Though potato is the only cultivated host but Some other plants of the genus Solanum are also infected by it. According to Karling (1964), it has a …

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Importance of Soil Solution

The term ‘soil solution‘ refers to the liquid phase of soil which consists of dissolved substances both organic and inorganic, in ionic or in molecular form. It is the focal point of soil chemistry. Its importance in soil development, nutrient availability and plant growth can broadly be divided into two …

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