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Fungi: A Kingdom of Achlorophyllous Eukaryotes

Fungi {sing. fungus (L.) = sphongos (Gr.) – sponge} are a kingdom of usually multicellular, eucaryotic, spore-producing, achlorophyllous organisms with absorptive nutrition that generally reproduce both sexually and asexually and whose usually filamentous, branched somatic structures, known as hyphae, typically are surrounded by cell walls. Currently, over 1.5 million species …

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Slime Molds: The Most Charismatic and Clever Single Cell You’ll Meet Today!

Slime mold or slime mould is an informal name given to several kinds of unrelated eukaryotic organisms that can live freely as single cells, but can aggregate together to form multicellular reproductive structures. Slime molds were formerly classified as fungi but are no longer considered part of that kingdom. Although not forming …

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Ascomycetes: Characteristics & Classification

  Good to know The imperfect stage of Penicillium in which it passes most part of its life cycle is sclerotium. One celled ascomycetes is Saccharomyces cerevisae. One celled lower fungi is Synchytrium endobioticum. Ascomyectes- Powdery mildew. Basidiomycetes- Usually no sexual reproduction. Deuteromycetes- Imperfect fungi. Imperfect stage- Asexual reproduction…anamorphic fungi…mitosporic …

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