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Meristematic Classification & Theory

Meristematic tissue is the plant tissue that has the ability to divide actively throughout its life. It consists of undifferentiated cells capable of cell division. Apical Meristamatic tissue is one kind of meristem  which stays at the tip of a plant shoot or root  and causes the shoot or root to …

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Types of Biodiversity

There are three main components/types of biodiversity:  (1) genetic. (2)organismal/taxonomic. (3) ecological. (1) genetic & sub-cellular: Biodiversity  expressed within  individual cells and non-cellular organisms (e.g., viruses) – diversity of genetic information central to this category but variety of metabolic pathways & molecular biology of life also important. (2) taxonomic diversity: …

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Soil Horizon & Soil Profile

Do you ever  dig down deep into any soil? If you did so, you may have followed different colors and layers in there. These layers are called horizons in soil science. The idea of Horizon and Soil Horizons are slightly different. Horizon is a distinct layer of soil, approximately parallel …

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