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Phycology: An Introduction to Algae and Its Study


Phycology, generally referred as algology, is the study of algae, a diverse group of mostly aquatic plants that range in size from microscopic forms to shrubs or trees. The word phycology comes from the Greek word phykos, which literally means “seaweed.” They are the major producers in the food chain …

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Microbiology: Notable Pioneers and Their Contributions


Microbiology is an eminent subfield of biology. This sub-sector is concerned with organisms (that can only be seen through a microscope and cannot be seen with the naked eye), specifically microorganisms, their characteristics, functions, classifications, and methods to exploit and control their activities for human benefit. Microbiology began to flourish …

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Microbiology: An Introduction to Its Range of Scopes


Microbiology is a study that studies a biologically varied group of usually small life forms, primarily bacteria and viruses. More than simply bacterial species were included in the diversity of microorganisms by the end of the classical Golden Age of microbiology. Other fields, in addition to bacteriology and virology, were …

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