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Release of An Improved Variety from Lab to Farmers: Part 2

Releasing new variety from lab to farmers

A variety is a genotype or group of genotypes approved for commercial cultivation by the Variety Release Committee and the Bangladesh government. A variety is also termed as ‘cultivar.’ The new variety should have morphological, physiological, and biochemical traits that set it apart from existing cultivars. In addition, it should …

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Release of An Improved Variety from Lab to Farmers: Part 1

Release of improved variety

The ultimate aim of any breeding program of any lab is to develop varieties superior to the existing ones in yielding ability, disease and insect resistance, and other characteristics. The release of a strain for use as a variety is based on a conclusive demonstration of its superiority over the …

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Introduction: Microbiology, Microorganism and Contribution


Microbiology (Greek word; micros “small” and bios “life”) is one of the most important branches of science which has been contributing to so many sectors like medical, soil, food, etc. Microbiology is a part of scientific study that deals with small organisms which can’t be seen by the naked eye …

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