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Vernalization: Cold treatment in plants

In the case of some plants, even though they receive proper photoperiod, they do not flower. It means that apart from photoperiodism plants also require something for their subsequent flowering. But what is that? Not all plants flower when subjected to the correct photoperiod. The temperature has a profound effect …

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Introducing to Asteraceae family

Sunflower, Helianthus annuus L.

If I say let’s become familiar with the Asteraceae family, probably it will not be so effective but if I say that let’s become familiar with the family of sunflower and dahlia flower it will be better to understand. As we do in the case of identifying a person’s family …

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Mutation Breeding: Pros, Cons and Achievements of Bangladesh

Mutations are tools to study the nature and functions of genes, as well as to generate raw materials for genetic improvements of crop plants. Many crop varieties with better quantitative, qualitative, and economic value have been developed using it. Recognizing the relevance of this technique in a country’s agricultural development, …

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