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August, 2020

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  • 31 July

    Plant Introduction and Acclimatization: History, Organizations & Procedure

    Table of Content SL No. Topic Name 01 History & Organization 02 Functions Of Plant Introduction Agencies 03 Procedure History and Organization Crop plants have travelled into many new areas from their centers of origin. This movement of plants occurred with the movement of man. Most of these introductions occurred very …

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  • 31 July

    Variation in Chromosome Types: The Lampbrush Chromosome

    If we observe the nucleus of each cell, we’ll find that the DNA molecule in it is packaged into thread-like structures. These are called chromosomes that carry hereditary information for everything, i.e., height to eye color. These chromosomes are made up of DNA that is tightly coiled many times around …

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  • 31 July

    Soil-Forming Factors

    With the upward and advancement of human civilization,  people gradually discovered co-relations and importance of various materials of environment.  To have much more control, flexibility and also from the inborn curiosity, scientists work/ed years after years to find out the relationship among the materials  of environment.  In such a way, …

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  • 29 July

    Basic Ideas of Somatic Hybridization

    Do you have ever heard the term ‘POMATO’ ? Pomato is the result of the hybridization of two somatic cell- potato and tomato. From a somatic cell, developed by the fusion of protoplasts from potato and tomato, is cultured to get a new harvest- pomato. In this harvest, the characteristics …

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  • 25 July

    Synthetic Theory of Evolution

    The synthetic theory of evolution describes the evolution in terms of genetic variations in a population that leads to the formation of a new species. It explains the contribution of factors such as genetic variations, reproductive and geographical isolation, and natural selection. It is a modern concept that emerged from …

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  • 24 July

    Diversity in Living Organisms: Five Kingdom Classification

    Our living planet has a huge number of living organisms. We can’t know each of them properly without a proper format that going to direct us to know this variety and richness of organisms. That’s why we were introduce with a new term-CLASSIFICATION! What is Classification? The system of assembling …

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