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Doomsday Seed Vault: Hoarding for Apocalypse

Doomsday Seed Vault

What do you picture when the land of midnight sun, Norway crosses your mind? It must be white snowy terrain, crystal-like blue glaciers, magical dancing aurora, astounding fjords, wild polar bears, scenic landscapes, intriguing cultural heritage, and all the mind-boggling aspects. But little do we know, this land is accommodating …

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Importance And Threats To Biodiversity

Importance Of Biodiversity Ecosystems and their species perform important biological services, for example, green plants remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere, which helps keep the environment healthy and fit for human life. Economic arguments also provide compelling reasons for conserving species. Biodiversity has a number of functions …

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Biodiversity loss and Conservation : Causes of Extinction

  Biodiversity loss and Conservation Extinction is the evolutionary equivalent of the proverbial adage that “death and taxes are inevitable.” Evolutionary biologists are certain that, just as every person will eventually pass away, every species will eventually go extinct. In reality, according to the fossil record, 99.9% of all species …

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Relation of Climate and Biodiversity and its threat

Climate & Biodiversity ■ Regional climate interacts with regional biota & substrate to produce large, easily recognizable community units called “Biomes“. ■ Climatic climax biodiversity has been found in “Biome“. ■ In biomes life forms reflects major features of climate & determines structural nature of habitats for animals. ■ Provides …

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Biodiversity: Geographical positioning system, latitude and longitudes

Geographical Positioning System ■ Actual positioning of individual points on earths surface identified by geometrical system of latitudes & longitudes. ■”Altitude” –vertical elevation of an object above sea level (expressed in meter). Latitude And Longitude Accurate Positioning of individual points on the Earth’s surface is made possible by reference to …

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Biodiversity: Creation of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the outcome of evolutionary and ecological processes. Biodiversity causes biodiversity. Environmental factors have significant effect on genetic diversity. Evolution is the center of genetic processes. New spp. via micro-evolution or destruction via macro evolution or diversity via mutation. Factors for Biodiversity Creation (A) Primary factor (B) Ecological Templates …

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