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Concepts of center of origin of cultivated crops (Part 1)

What is Center of Origin? The center of origin is a geographical area where the particular group of organisms (either domesticated or wild) first originated on earth. Center of Origin & Center of Diversity Many people believed that centers of origin are also centers of diversity. But, the centers of diversity …

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Timber yielding plants

From the time immemorial food, clothing and shelter have been the three great necessities of mankind. Wood is the most familiar and most important forest products. The wood has contributed a lot to the advancement of civilization. Today, the wood is the most widely used commodity other than food and …

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Secretory Tissue: A Laticiferous Discussion

The tissues that are concerned with the secretion of gums, resins, volatile oils, nectar, latex and other substances are called Secretory tissues. These tissues are mainly divided into two groups: Laticiferous tissue. Glandular tissue. In this article, Laticiferous tissue will be discussed explicitly. Laticiferous tissue A laticifer is a type of …

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