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Author’s citation

Author Citation Before starting the detailed discussion first I simply answer the first arising question what is author citation? In a sense of Botany, every living being has a unique botanical name by which it is recognized (i.e.Mango=Mangifera indica, Jackfruit=Artocarpus heterophyllus), if it does not have any then it will …

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Future of Earth: Desert or Explosion of “Global Greening”?

In an ancient lake bed at Southern Hemisphere scientists studying fossil leaves found out the mechanism of the plants living during the Miocene Epoch in which the world used to have an elevated level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It gives a hope that with an increased rate of …

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Taxonomy : PCR

The polymerase chain reaction, generally known as PCR, is used in almost every application of gene technology. It is a method for rapid production of a very large number of copies of a particular fragment of DNA. Virtually unlimited quantities of a length of DNA can be produced from the …

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