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Vector Mediated Gene Transfer: Commonly Used Vectors (Part 2)

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Second Part of “Vector Mediated Gene Transfer: Commonly Used Vectors” series. In this part we will focus on Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer. Let’s start !!! Link of Part 1 is here.  Agrobacterium Mediated Genetic Transformation Of various methods used for plant transformation, transformation mediated by Agrobacterium …

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Vector Mediated Gene Transfer: Commonly Used Vectors (Part 1)

If we want to know the subtle and intricate mechanism of life and how it revolves in molecular level, we must have to know about the basic fundamental concepts of molecular biology, an interdisciplinary branch of science which begins its journey with the amalgamation of some distinct disciplines such as …

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History of Botanical Exploration: Indian Subcontinent (Part 2)

Hello Everyone, hope you have gathered some knowledge from the previous part of “History of Botanical Exploration: Indian Subcontinent” series. This is the Second part of History. Here we will explore rest of the three pioneers who made magnificent contribution to foster plant taxonomy study to the next level. I …

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