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Discovery of Agar: Journey From Japan to Germany via Indonesia

Agar is a jelly like substance can be found in all the microbiology labs as a compound to grow bacteria. It plays a very important role in Microbiology. It helps to made culture mediums to isolate bacteria. It derived from a red algae called Gelidium. It was first discovered by …

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DNA: The Genetic Material

In the 1870s, the observation that the nuclei of male and female reproductive cells undergo fusion in the process of fertilization leads to the decision that the cell nucleus plays a key role in inheritance. After that, when the cell is stained with the help of some when certain dyes …

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The Classification of Algae: Comparing Three Schools of Thought


Algae refers to a heteromorphic group of organisms which are capable of doing photosynthesis as they contain chlorophyll as their primary pigment and lack a sterile covering around their reproductive cells. The members are grouped together as they share some common characteristics. However, they are not necessarily closely related in …

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