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Monocotylidonous Family: Poaceae

Systematic position Bentham and Hooker places this family under the series Glumaceae of the Monocotyledons. According to the Engler it belongs to the order Glumiflorae. Hutchinson places it under the order Graminales belonging to the division Glumiflorae. Distribution The members of this family is cosmopolitan and grow on almost all …

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Concept of Water Potential

Concept of water potential Free energy per mole is the chemical potential. The water potential is the chemical potential of a water solution in a system minus the chemical potential of pure water at atmospheric pressure and at the same temperature. A system’s water potential expresses its ability to do …

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Mendelian Inheritance: Part III

If you have read the first and second part you may have understood that this is our third and final part. In this part we are going to discuss Monohybrid, dihybrid and trihybrid inheritance, Back cross and test cross and Probability in Mendelian inheritance, Chi-square test.  So let’s not waste …

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Cytology: An Introduction

As human beings are social creatures, they live in a social environment. If we look around us, we can see mainly two types of things in the environment. One is living things & another is non-living things. Living things are those which possess life. Now, what is life? It’s not …

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Mendelian Inheritance: Part II

In this article we will discuss (c) Life of Gregor Johann Mendel, his experiments and achievements; reasons of Mendels success. Gregor Johann Mendel who is the father of genetics, was born in 1822. In this article we will know him and his works elaborately. Life of Gregor Johann Mendel, His …

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Mendelian Inheritance: Part I

From the title we can easily understand that this article is about a part of genetics studies. So, what is genetics? The biological science which deals with the phenomena of heredity (i.e. transmission of traits form one generation to another) and variation and the study of the laws governing similarities …

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Cell Types & Tissue System: Simple Tissue

Plant anatomy Study of gross internal structures of plant organs by the method of section cutting is called plant anatomy. Tissue Vegetative Reproductive Complex Tissue is formed by a group of cells having Same origin Same structure Same function Gross classification of tissue Permanent tissue Meristematic tissue Secretory tissue (concerned …

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