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Selaginella: Tale of spikemosses

Selaginella sp. is the sole genus of the vascular plant under the family Selaginellaceae and order Selaginellales. The member of this order has herbaceous stems that are usually without any indication of secondary thickening. Commonly known as spike mosses. Classification Division: Lycophyta Class: Ligulopsida Order: Selaginellales Family: Selaginellaceae Genus: Selaginella …

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Embryo culture technique: To overcome barriers of distantly related crosses.

What is embryo culture? Embryo culture is the sterile isolation and growth of an immature or mature embryo in vitro with the goal of obtaining a viable plant. Embryo rescue technique in overcoming barriers of distantly related crops: Distant hybridization: Hybridization between individuals from different species, belonging to the same …

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Rickettsia: The Disease Causing Bacteria (Part-1)

‘Rickettsia’ is a genus of non-motile, gram-negative, non spore-forming, highly pleomorphic bacteria that may occur in the forms of cocci, rods, or threads. The term ‘rickettsia’ has nothing to do with ‘rickets’, which is a deficiency disease resulting from lack of vitamin D; the bacterial genus ‘Rickettsia’ was named after Howard Taylor …

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Study Botany in USA: Steps to Follow

প্রথমেই ক্ষমা চেয়ে নিচ্ছি আমার সেই সব জুনিয়র এর কাছে যারা কিনা আমাকে প্রায়ই নক দেয় এবং অনেক সময় হয়তো আমার পক্ষে ধৈর্য রেখে সবার প্রশ্নের উত্তর দেয়া সম্ভব হয় না। একে আমি নিজে introvert, নতুন মানুষের সাথে অনেক ক্ষণ কথা বলা এমনিতেই একটু কষ্টকর, তার উপরে বাবা মা সবাইকে …

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Essential Oil: A Concentrated Hydrophobic Liquid

Essential Oil Essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. They are usually lipophilic (literally: oil-loving) compounds that usually are not miscible with water. Also, they can be diluted in solvents like pure ethanol and polyethylene glycol. They are also known as volatile oils, ethereal …

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