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Solenoid Model: The Second Level of Packing

In the nucleosome model of chromosome, we have discussed about the fundamental organizational unit of chromosome termed as nucleosome. That article gave us a simplistic idea about how the repeated nucleosomes are arranged. The figure in the right hand side clarifies that the nucleosome model provides us with the insight …

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Nucleosome Model of Chromosomes

Let’s kick off this discussion with a simple calculation about the length of DNA in a single diploid human cell. We know according to Watson and Crick model of double helix DNA, each two base pairs has a distance of 3.4 A. There are approximately 6.4 billion base pairs (bp) …

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The Megasporangium: Types, Parts and Functions

Megasporangium is the structure of a plant body that contains a female reproductive organ. It can be called an ovule.  It consists of nucellus and integument. The ovule can be formed in different sizes and shapes. Many times it changes its form during the course of its development.   Mature …

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