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Coliform Bacteria: An Indicator of Water Contamination

Coliform is commonly known as ” indicator organisms“, refers to a wide groups of bacteria ( about 16 species) that found throughout the environment and used to evaluate the water quality.  These organisms have a wide distribution in soil, water surface, vegetations as well as on the skin or intestinal …

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The Best Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Toronto

Looking for the best medical cannabis dispensaries in Toronto? Look no further! Here at Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, they offer a variety of high-quality products to help patients with a variety of conditions. Whether you are looking for dried flower, concentrates, edibles, or topicals, these below mentioned dispensaries have something to …

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The Microsporangium & the Male Gametophyte

Microsporangium: The sporangium that is connected with the production of microspores (pollen grains) eventually development of male gametophyte is known as microsporangium. Microsporangia are produced on stamen where each stamen has a bilobed anther (each lobe has two microsporangia), connective and anther filament. When anther produces four elongated microsporangia, the …

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