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Ascomycetes : An Introduction

INTRODUCTION Ascomycota is a phylum of fungi classification containing a compartmentalized mycelium, a dikaryotic life stage in the life cycle, plectenchymatous structures associated with spore production, conidia, and sometimes complex dispersal systems. The primitive morphological character that distinguishes members of Ascomycota from all other fungi is the Ascus (pl. asci, …

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Cytpoplasmic Genetic Male Sterility

The male sterility which  is governed by both nuclear and cytoplasmic genes is known as Cytoplasmic Genetic Male Sterility or CGMS. While CMS is controlled by an extra-nuclear genome, nuclear gene may have the capability to restore fertility. When nuclear restoration of fertility genes (“Rf”) is available for a CMS …

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Cytoplasmic Male Sterility

Male sterility, as the name indicates, is the inability of a plant to produce a male reproductive organ, the viable pollen. Male sterility can occur due to extra-nuclear genetic or nuclear genetic conditions. Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS) refers to the inability of a plant to produce viable pollens due to …

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