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Induction, Repression & The Operon Models

Genes are the carriers of all the information of an organism. These information are needed for different protein synthesis at different time. So expression of gene can effect an organism’s characteristics, health and so on. As gene expression is a very important feature for any organism as well as for …

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Principles & Methods of Plant Disease Control

Plants are the vital element of Environment. Like men and animals, plants are  not free from disease. As they have diverse and significant  rules in our existence in this earth, scientists are concerned about them specially at their danger. So, to keep plants free from pathogens or diseases the word …

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Divisions: Pyrrhophyta, Cryptophyta, Rhodophyta

Algae is an extremely diverse group of organisms that make up the lower phylogenetic echelons of the plant kingdom. A precise definition of this group is elusive and they share many obvious characteristics with higher land plants, whereas their distinguishing features from other plant groups are varied and more subtle …

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