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Geosphere And Biosphere

Geosphere The area near the surface of the earth can be divided into four inter-connected “geo-spheres” – lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. The names of the four spheres are derived from the Greek words for stone (litho), air (atmo), water (hydro), and life (bio).   Lithosphere The lithosphere is the …

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Random Sampling

 Sampling Measuring a small portion of something and then making a general statement about the whole thing is known as sampling. Sampling is a process of selecting a number of units for a study in such a way that the units represent the larger group from which they are selected. …

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Ecological Succession

Ecological succession is the process of change in the species structure of an ecological community over time. It is the gradual process by which ecosystems change and develop over time. In this article, Types, Examples, Causes and Varoius models of Ecological Succession will be discussed in detail. Definition Ecological succession …

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