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Phenols : Characteristics, Classification and Uses

What is Phenol?  A large number of phenolic compounds which occur in plants as secondary metabolites are commonly known as Phenols. They are also known as Phenolies, Phenic acid, Benzenol and Carbolic acid.These compounds were first identified by German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. They all are a chemical compounds consisting …

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Mitosis: Equational Division and Its Stages

Mitosis is one kind of cell division that occurs in the somatic cells of the body. It produces two daughter cells in each division. The daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes as in mother cells. Therefore, the Haploid mother cell (n) will produce two haploid daughter cells (n) …

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Mycoplasma: The Simplest Prokaryotic Cell

Mycoplasma, also known as PPLO- are the simplest prokaryotic cell.    Mycoplasma is a group of small parasitic bacteria that lacks cell walls and can survive without oxygen and generally resistant to antibiotics and can cause pneumonia and urinary tract infections in animals and humans.  Few common species of mycoplasma …

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